Industrial Building for Lease in Beamsville - 4306 Bartlett Road

Welcome to building B at 4306 Bartlett Road in Beamsville, Ontario. The location is minutes from nearby highway access at QEW and Ontario Street, and, Beamsville is a great in between market for industrial or warehouse tenant’s that cater to both Niagara as well as Hamilton and GTA markets due to it’s proximity to both.

The building itself features a very wide grade level door, a common loading dock, and approximately 16 ft. clear height. The building is expected to be available for occupancy around October 1, 2019 after the current tenant vacates and the landlord can complete some work on the building.

Prior to occupancy the landlord plans to insulate the building, bring in a bathroom, and equip it with a 3 phase power supply. For tenant’s that don’t require some of those features or are willing to use common washrooms instead we can discuss some flexibility in the rental rate.

Industrial buildings for rent in Niagara this size with a loading dock really don’t last long on the open market, especially at these rental rates. It would be ideal to act quickly before someone else takes, space like this is in high demand. Contact me if you have questions or interest.

The Industrial Real Estate Business Parks of Beamsville

If you’re an industrial business that gets a lot of business from Niagara and Hamilton, you may want to consider Beamsville as a good location due to its unique proximity to both central Niagara and Hamilton business communities. Being just down the QEW highway from both St. Catharines and Hamilton, Beamsville’s industrial park is conveniently located right by the highway for easy and quick truck access into their business park.

The industrial business park of Beamsville is bordered by the QEW highway with South Service Road to the North, Ontario Street to the West which is the QEW interchange to access the park, Bartlett Road to the East, and Union Road to the South with Christie Drive in the middle. There are other spots of industrial facilities here and there throughout the municipality, but the bulk concentration is in or near this neighbourhood. As for leasing or buying industrial buildings in this neighbourhood the lease rates and sale prices are often reasonable in comparison to the larger municipalities nearby, but like other municipalities, opportunities and vacancies are rare in our current market.

Aside from being conveniently located between two large regions in Southern Ontario I would say Beamsville did some good planning for its industrial sector by conveniently locating this business park right next to an easily accessible highway interchange. Not only is there easy highway access but there are just enough commercial amenities within a few blocks for food, banking, groceries, etc. to service employees and other functions of the business.

If you’re looking to discuss leasing, buying, or selling industrial real estate in Beamsville, be sure to connect with an agent who knows its industrial market well.